Seraphine - Like A Bullet

I proposed changes, and though I was out
Colder than the night that late November we went up
To walk beneath the barren trees, and in solitude undone
All I ever wanted, the only thing I’d won

Time was almost endless, and in time I would have said
Everything you said to me still swims around my head
I confess in whispers, as my lips are turning black
If you’d just cry to comfort me, I’d try to get you back

Hollow tones and empty words of memories I’ve held
Believing my reality was the life we hoped to build
And just give me one, the loaded gun, the cold hard kiss of steel
Tempt me, kick me, hold me close, like the child you want killed

Lay me down, open up my veins until the lakes are filled
I know I’d cry like anything, but we both know my heart will never heal

(And it hits me like a bullet: you shot to kill)

I’ll drown in blood, just like I chose to drown in love
And maybe as I hold you to the sun
I’ll kiss you cold, but that’s just what you’d want

(And it hits me like a bullet: you shot to kill)

Breathe me in through broken lungs
Hold me next to your heart
And cut me out
It’s about the anxiety of being in a relationship.
You want it a lot, but you have some doubts because of anxiety, which then produces even more doubts.
It wasn’t written in November, rather, it was in summer. Holiday don’t sit well with people with anxieties.
But November is cold and dead, with barren trees around.
Undone is to open up, to break down your defenses, but you’re doing it alone, it seems.

The ‘Time was almost endless…’ line is a paradox.
Time seems to drag on but then again, you’re running out of time.
Maybe it was something you aren’t that happy about in the relationship and there was an argument about it and you hope the person could just show that they care about you, then you would have made an effort to change or work on it more.

‘Believing my reality’ line is saying you’re lying to yourself.
A child is someone you should be loving, not to kill, and yet it felt that way.

Just the vibe of having anxieties in a relationship, really.

You’re in love, but you got cut.